New smart app!

The short video clips give inspiration and ideas that you can use in  connection with teaching skiing or just improving your own skiing  abilities.

The videos with ski lessons are short and sweet giving you an insight  into what the exercises train, in which terrain they should be executed  and what things you as an ski instructor should be aware of.

These ski drills are designed so that ski school instructors,  teachers, parents or friends can get a quick understanding, and an  awareness of what the drils entail and which ones are suited to their  students, or will help to improve their own skiing abilities.

Once downloaded you can use this app wherever you are, there are no extra charges, and no need for an Internet connection.
You can use it for example:

  • In your chalet before you hit the slopes.
  • On the mountain before you start your lesson.
  • In the bus on the way to your skiing destination
  • In the lift on the way up to the slopes.